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Its been quite a long time since we published our last post. Well time flies and so does the technology. We are back with an interesting story of mobile phones and their brands.

We all know that these days most of the mobiles are Android operated and possess similar configurations. The screen size,RAM size, inbuilt memory, processors are almost identical in all phone but still there are chances that one brand may stand top in the competition. Is it really the quality of the product or just the brand consciousness about the product ?

Who can forget about the name Apple when it comes to mobile brands. Apple has been scripting a success since the launch of their flagship device iPhone which is getting an upgrade each year. Its been 9 years since Apple launched its first iPhone but still the craze and the sales haven't seen any decline.

Obviously it was the quality of the product and the amazing features provided but on top of that Apple as a brand name has played a major role in its success.
You can easily get an Android phone almost half the price of the iPhone with better features and quality but still other manufacturers can't figure out a way to stand any chance with Apple. The most favoring answer for this is Apple as a brand.

We as end customers have become so much Brand conscious that any other emerging brand has to go beyond their limits to set itself in any global market. We can take example of Xiaomi where this brand took the world by surprise in 2014. Xiaomi launched its flagship device Mi2 and within first 11 months they managed to sell about 10 million units.We still remember those early days when people used to think Xiaomi as a cheap Chinese brand and global Android trend was only favoring Samsung.
The only reason for Xiaomi to succeed was the quality and the service they provided. Also with this awesome quality they didn't set the prices way high like Apple's iPhone. This led to amazing sales and high volumes  helped it becoming a recognized brand.

So what you think , is it the time
to stop worrying about the Brand. We believe the answer is to act smart and take your decision on basis of product quality,features,after sales service and most importantly Price!

Have you been waiting for  iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, price drops in India...? If Yes, then your wait is over now since third party Sellers like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and others are selling both the new iPhones at discounted prices. On major e-Commerce sites these much awaited iPhones are displayed with discounts ranging from 2k-7k. 

BEST PRICES OF APPLE IPHONES IN INDIAThe top e-commerce sellers of India like Amazon is offering cash back of Rs 8,400 on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to HDFC credit card users. Similarly, Flipkart is offering 10% cash back to Citibank credit card users. Both support Cash on Delivery and EMI Scheme but PayTm lags behind due to inability of COD. eBay is also attracting many Customers with  their catchy Prices of iPhone.  
The above survey is done based on the best prices offered in India by Third Party Sellers. It basically covers the points like shipping charges, Delivery time(2-5 Working Days), colors available(Silver, Space Grey and Gold), feedback(Above 75% positive), return policy(15-30 Days), Cash on Delivery and EMI.
                                                                                                                                                 FEATURES & APPLICATIONS OF IPHONE Reachability:-It is the single most important trick that every iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus user needs to know. Reachability is the only way you’ll ever be able to comfortably tap things near the top of your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus screen with one hand. Its really hard to use iPhone 6 Plus as compared to iPhone 6. Relatively smaller size and presence of Reachability makes it much easier to use iPhone 6. Tap to Talk:- It allows iPhone users to record and instantly send short voice messages to each other via iMessage, typically while they are driving.  Camera :- iphone 6 Plus is better in taking low light pictures. Though iPhone 6 has 8 megapixel camera with dual -LED flash and 1.2 front Camera.                                                                            Battery life:- iPhone 6 Plus has more battery life than iPhone 6. iPhone 6 runs on 1810mAh non-removable Li-Po battery compared to 2915mAh non-removable Li-Po battery.  
                                                                        Pixel density:- The pixel density of iPhone 6 Plus(401 pixels per inch) as compared to iphone 6 (326 pixels per inch) is more but this difference is too small to bother about.                                                                                                                     Thickness:- iPhone 6 Plus( 7.9 mm) slightly thicker than iPhone 6(6.9 mm) but you will hardly notice it while having hands on it.                                             Landscape Mode:- iPhone 6 Plus let's you view the home-screen in landscape mode.                                                                                Airdrop:- Airdrop facilitates the iPhone user's to send video's or images to their friends and family members.                          

 iPhone 6, Apple's first big-screen smartphone, has a 4.7-inch HD (1334x750p) display and is powered by A8 processor and 1GB RAM. The smartphone runs on iOS 8 and has an 8MP iSight camera that features phase detection and can take 43MP panorama photos. It supports reachability feature because of its small size.

iPhone 6 Plus, the company's first phablet, has a 5.5-inch (1920x1080p) display, and like iPhone 6 is powered by an A8 processor and 1GB RAM and runs on iOS 8. It also features an 8MP camera with  dual  LED flash optical image stabilization and packs a 2,915mAh battery. 
Yahoo is working on On-Demand Passwords in order to eliminate the necessity of people remembering a Complex Password every time when they log-in into Yahoo!!!

In terms of User Experience
Somebody Log-in into their Account and Click on the Information Section and opt into an On-Demand Password. Next time they Log-in into Yahoo, they will receive One time password in form of SMS. Then, User will take that four-letter password or Code present in the SMS to fill the Password Field. This will completely eliminate the problem of  forgetting password and getting involved in lengthy process of "I can't access my account"

How it works?
If you use a password manager and opt for On-Demand Password. You would detect at the time of Login that the Interface has changed as soon as you fill Username Field. The fields would change not requiring the usual password but On-Demand Password. Tap the button send password. It will take you to a new field. 

This has been done in order to break the bundle of passwords that user has to remember every time. Earlier we needed a Password which satisfies a particular criteria, that is, have lowercase letters, numbers and Uppercase Letters. So, this will be eliminated completely. This ensures that User does not use same password for Different accounts so that important information is not at risk.

How is this more Secure or Beneficial?
Eliminating Vulnerability that comes from User Side.
Not Using Same Password Every time is not necessary for all. If you are a regular user concerned about emails then Second form of Verification option is there. It will require User Verification and second step verification like a particular question. It solely depends upon the User if he wants to opt for On-Demand password if he is facing problem memorizing it.

New methods to be introduced

Dylan Casey Yahoo’s vice president of product management said that it will initiate more authentic methods.
  • Bio-matrix System 
  • Retina Scanner Verification
  • Using voice as Password Verification
  • Finger Print verification 
  • End User encryption.

Private key Verification or End User Encryption Verification  
Setting up Level of Encryption in your own email such as if an attacker is going to compromise on an account. He would need a private key. If he doesn't have that private key, he wont be able to access your account.

Talking on its Positive Side
  • Reduce burden of Security on User.
  • To facilitate in providing one time on-demand password.
  • Encryption is there to add extra layer for the Yahoo Account.

When is it Available for Use?
  • Today only available in the US.
  • Currently opted for Yahoo.

Down-sides of Using On-Demand Password
  • SMS is not Correct or perfect.
  • Don't know it has come on Phone or not.
  • Delay in receiving
  • Lost your phone or Phone is Dead.

Backup Solution
  • Another Phone number
  • Alternate Email address

Feeling tired of carrying that same boring Wallet to your workplace? Did you ever lose it? Is your Wallet too heavy and stuffed?

If you easily forget..... where you kept your Wallet last time and wish that the technology should be advanced enough to develop a Wallet with sensors. Just like your Smart Phone!!! When you misplace it at home and a small ring helps to detect its right place.

If answer to the above questions is Yes!!! then don't worry, this is the right place to confess the truth and feel the Ultimate change with brand new Wallet.... I mean Woolet. The woolet is a wallet which contains a small beacon that connects to your Smart Phone. If you leave your Wallet behind ? It will alert you.Your phone will remain in touch with your Woolet. In case you leave your it home or the worst case, lose it, then a built-in Buzzer will notify you about this. 

World is moving faster and its harder to remember the important things like you are going to the grocery store and have shopping list in your hand. It's easy to loose track or easy to forget things home that's why introducing a Wallet which woos you if you leave it home. It is the slimmest Smart Wallet that one can never lose. So it's easy to carry this compact wallet in your pocket because of its Size and shape.


Mark Ciesla launcher of Products and Services says," The Woolet is something more than a leather wallet. Something that I can describe as a sense of security." He further plans to bring the whole ecosystem of products inthe Market and focused on more control over your life.

Bart, an Industry Designer, who is working for technology products for last five years says that," we are giving you a super smart woolet that you will never loose." After putting many years in the industry and laboratory generating it using APB signals we can help people never have the trauma of  lost Id, wallet, Credit-card or any personal stuff."


By activating the Woolet Crowd Detection Network you can search your Woolet if lost, then simply press on your phone. With this every other Woolet user will start scanning for your lost Woolet. When they get within range, the GPS location is instantly updated to your phone.


GPS will record the last seen location of your Woolet in your Smart Phone automatically. In this way, you don't need to remember the last Location of your woolet, because that is what your Smart Phone has already done. So, it means you know the best place to search your woolet.

In case you lose your wallet under the car seat or maybe behind the couch. Find it easily with a ring using tap of a finger. Locating your Woolet has never been that simple. Thanks to Mark and Bark, Designers behind it.

To sum up, the best things about the Woolet include its ability to protect your important docs in a small size, automatic alerts about location and self-chargeable battery.
  • Compact in Size
    Thickness of woolet is just 9.9mm. Unlike other smart wallets, Woolet is a ‘full wallet’. This means you don’t need to compromise on what you take. Woolet has 4 slots to accommodate all your cards. There is a large card slot for those bigger IDs (up to 70 x 100mm) and a hidden pocket. Woolet also comfortably fits larger banknotes, including euros and British pounds, so it’s ready for any country.

  • Woolet Battery is Self Charging
    Batteries are an essential component of any smart device. They are also often its weakest component. Woolet is designed with self-charging batteries to provide sufficient power that lasts long. It is believed that movement and body heat is sufficient enough to charge the battery. 
  • Physical Specifications
    • Size 125 X 87 X 9.9 mm / 4.9 X 3.4 X 0.38 inch
    • Bank Note 230 X 78 mm / 9 X 3 inch
    • Four Credit Card Slots
    • A Hidden money Pocket
  • Electronic Specifications
    • Compatible with iPhone 4S and later
    • Battery Life is 1.5 years minimum with Recharging Capability
    • Processor ARM CORTEX- M0
    • Sound Built-in Ringer
    • Range up to 250 feet/60m

Price of Woolet varies from $99 (Rs 6200) for Black Woolet  to $119 (approximately Rs 7460) for Brown Woolet. However, it’s not much in comparison to what could happen if you lose your regular old dumb wallet. The product is likely to be shipping in May 2015 so you won’t have to wait long for your Woolet.

Good News for the Apple Lover's as the brand new Apple watch will soon hit the Market in April. This gadget will occupy all features that you desire for, as per Tim Cook, designer behind it. The mobile Developers were busy in creating all kind of apps for this small screen watch in order to make it an all in one,explained Tim. Moreover, to add up the necessary apps like evernote, salesforce, uber, NYTimes, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat and Whatsapp was challenging.

"Apple Watch begins a new chapter in the way we relate to technology and we think our customers are going to love it," Apple CEO Tim Cook said. "We can't wait for people to start wearing Apple Watch to easily access information that matters, to interact with the world, and to live a better day by being more aware of their daily activity than ever before," he added.

This watch will be available for preview from April 10 in nine countries including US, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK whereas The Indian aspirants of Apple watch have to wait till July. But as per Experts, India's globally increasing importance can be beneficial for Apple watch seekers, as it may influence the debut of this gadget much earlier.

It will be launched in three versions as Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. Likely to be introduced in two sizes, that is, 38 mm and 42 mm.The analysts have estimated that price of Apple Watch may vary from $349 (hardly Rs 21,800) to minimum $10,000 (approximately Rs 6.27 lakh) for apple watch edition.

Apple Watch Edition features cases specially improvised from characteristic rose or yellow 18-carat gold alloys, which increases its price tag till $17,000(Rs 10.66 lakh). Moreover, it has a Retina display protected by polished sapphire crystal and adversely designed straps and bands with 18-carat gold clasps, buckles or pins. Apple Watch is the first new gadget to be released under the supervision of  Cook, who took over the Line after Steve Jobs.

Digital Crown + Voice Control
Digital Crown looks like a traditional Time piece. Since the Smart Watch lacks in pinch to zoom capabilities so roll digital crown to zoom in and out of apps, scroll Display or make small inputs, read e-mails, control music, receive calls. 
Due to absence of keyboard in the gadget, all forms of input are handled with voice dictation. Talking of Voice dictation, the menus within this gadget like Apple Watch label all voice control features as “Voice Control,” rather than as Siri. This is basically a Beginner's version of the Watch OS which does not support replying to emails by voice.

Power-Off + Side Button
In order to Power-off the Apple watch long press the large “communication button” on the right side of the Watch. As soon as it is pressed, a confirmation slider similar to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is shown, letting a swipe finish the shut down. Wearer can also Force Quit an unsteady app by accessing the shut down screen and then quickly pressing the button on the right side.

Apple Watch Battery Life
This watch can self sufficiently work upto 18 hours as per experts .Some new features of Apple watch include the following:-
  • Power Reserve Mode :-Power Reserve Mode can activated in case The Watch's Battery Life is low. User can monitor the Battery Life of Smart Watch via a Battery Glance, or via the Apple Watch’s Settings application. When power Reserve Mode is on the Display automatically goes to sleep after about two seconds of inactivity.

  • Battery Glance:- The Battery Glance displays the percentage of battery life remaining, the amount of time since the last  full charge, and a large button to activate Power Reserve Mode. To quickly alert user about 20% battery left, Battery Life Glance turns an orange/amber color. Similarly in case only 10% battery is remaining Glance turns from orange/amber color to red color.
Heart Rate Glance
The Heart Rate Glance will allow the user to see their Beats Per Minute at any time. When accessing the Glance, an outline of a heart will appear, similar to the heart in the image. After a button is tapped to start measurement, the screen will show the constantly updating BPM reading.  
As per Experts, the process of reading the Heart Rate was too quick and the readings were “seemingly accurate”. Apple has stated that the Heart Rate sensor will be used to send other users their heart beat through the communication features and heart rate readings could be transferred to the Health application on the accompanying iPhone

 Your Favorite Apps
Tim Cook has covered maximum applications of its iPhone Version in a small size, that is, Apple Watch.
  • Evernote:-This note-taking app lets you dictate a quick note from your Watch, plus view recent notes, set reminders, find notes made near you, and see content related to an upcoming meeting.
  • Salesforce:-The Apple Watch app gives you a quick snapshot of your business analytics, like the top 10 sales opportunities for your company or for a particular division.
  • Uber:-An Apple Watch app lets you connect with Uber’s on-demand car service from your wrist. The app lets you call for an Uber, then track how long until it arrives.
  • NYTimes:-Be updated with the top headlines, receive breaking news and swipe through stories.
  • Nike+ Running:- a running app which, lets you track your distance, duration and pace from your Apple Watch. Friends can also cheer you on, and, using Bluetooth headphones, you can listen to music wirelessly during your workout.
  • Facebook:- Check out the News Feed, status and photos from your wrist.
  • Instagram:-View and like photos; make comments on your feed.
  • Twitter:-Tweet, check your feed and reply to tweets; see trends.
  • WeChat:-Message from the Apple Watch.
  • Shazam:-Tapping on the app icon will prompt your iPhone to listen to what’s playing. The Apple Watch then displays the name of the song, the artist, and the lyrics.
  • ESPN:-This app lets you get sports-related notifications, like the scores from your favorite teams.