Hi Folks,

Its been quite a long time since we published our last post. Well time flies and so does the technology. We are back with an interesting story of mobile phones and their brands.

We all know that these days most of the mobiles are Android operated and possess similar configurations. The screen size,RAM size, inbuilt memory, processors are almost identical in all phone but still there are chances that one brand may stand top in the competition. Is it really the quality of the product or just the brand consciousness about the product ?

Who can forget about the name Apple when it comes to mobile brands. Apple has been scripting a success since the launch of their flagship device iPhone which is getting an upgrade each year. Its been 9 years since Apple launched its first iPhone but still the craze and the sales haven't seen any decline.

Obviously it was the quality of the product and the amazing features provided but on top of that Apple as a brand name has played a major role in its success.
You can easily get an Android phone almost half the price of the iPhone with better features and quality but still other manufacturers can't figure out a way to stand any chance with Apple. The most favoring answer for this is Apple as a brand.

We as end customers have become so much Brand conscious that any other emerging brand has to go beyond their limits to set itself in any global market. We can take example of Xiaomi where this brand took the world by surprise in 2014. Xiaomi launched its flagship device Mi2 and within first 11 months they managed to sell about 10 million units.We still remember those early days when people used to think Xiaomi as a cheap Chinese brand and global Android trend was only favoring Samsung.
The only reason for Xiaomi to succeed was the quality and the service they provided. Also with this awesome quality they didn't set the prices way high like Apple's iPhone. This led to amazing sales and high volumes  helped it becoming a recognized brand.

So what you think , is it the time
to stop worrying about the Brand. We believe the answer is to act smart and take your decision on basis of product quality,features,after sales service and most importantly Price!