Feeling tired of carrying that same boring Wallet to your workplace? Did you ever lose it? Is your Wallet too heavy and stuffed?

If you easily forget..... where you kept your Wallet last time and wish that the technology should be advanced enough to develop a Wallet with sensors. Just like your Smart Phone!!! When you misplace it at home and a small ring helps to detect its right place.

If answer to the above questions is Yes!!! then don't worry, this is the right place to confess the truth and feel the Ultimate change with brand new Wallet.... I mean Woolet. The woolet is a wallet which contains a small beacon that connects to your Smart Phone. If you leave your Wallet behind ? It will alert you.Your phone will remain in touch with your Woolet. In case you leave your it home or the worst case, lose it, then a built-in Buzzer will notify you about this. 

World is moving faster and its harder to remember the important things like you are going to the grocery store and have shopping list in your hand. It's easy to loose track or easy to forget things home that's why introducing a Wallet which woos you if you leave it home. It is the slimmest Smart Wallet that one can never lose. So it's easy to carry this compact wallet in your pocket because of its Size and shape.


Mark Ciesla launcher of Products and Services says," The Woolet is something more than a leather wallet. Something that I can describe as a sense of security." He further plans to bring the whole ecosystem of products inthe Market and focused on more control over your life.

Bart, an Industry Designer, who is working for technology products for last five years says that," we are giving you a super smart woolet that you will never loose." After putting many years in the industry and laboratory generating it using APB signals we can help people never have the trauma of  lost Id, wallet, Credit-card or any personal stuff."


By activating the Woolet Crowd Detection Network you can search your Woolet if lost, then simply press on your phone. With this every other Woolet user will start scanning for your lost Woolet. When they get within range, the GPS location is instantly updated to your phone.


GPS will record the last seen location of your Woolet in your Smart Phone automatically. In this way, you don't need to remember the last Location of your woolet, because that is what your Smart Phone has already done. So, it means you know the best place to search your woolet.

In case you lose your wallet under the car seat or maybe behind the couch. Find it easily with a ring using tap of a finger. Locating your Woolet has never been that simple. Thanks to Mark and Bark, Designers behind it.

To sum up, the best things about the Woolet include its ability to protect your important docs in a small size, automatic alerts about location and self-chargeable battery.
  • Compact in Size
    Thickness of woolet is just 9.9mm. Unlike other smart wallets, Woolet is a ‘full wallet’. This means you don’t need to compromise on what you take. Woolet has 4 slots to accommodate all your cards. There is a large card slot for those bigger IDs (up to 70 x 100mm) and a hidden pocket. Woolet also comfortably fits larger banknotes, including euros and British pounds, so it’s ready for any country.

  • Woolet Battery is Self Charging
    Batteries are an essential component of any smart device. They are also often its weakest component. Woolet is designed with self-charging batteries to provide sufficient power that lasts long. It is believed that movement and body heat is sufficient enough to charge the battery. 
  • Physical Specifications
    • Size 125 X 87 X 9.9 mm / 4.9 X 3.4 X 0.38 inch
    • Bank Note 230 X 78 mm / 9 X 3 inch
    • Four Credit Card Slots
    • A Hidden money Pocket
  • Electronic Specifications
    • Compatible with iPhone 4S and later
    • Battery Life is 1.5 years minimum with Recharging Capability
    • Processor ARM CORTEX- M0
    • Sound Built-in Ringer
    • Range up to 250 feet/60m

Price of Woolet varies from $99 (Rs 6200) for Black Woolet  to $119 (approximately Rs 7460) for Brown Woolet. However, it’s not much in comparison to what could happen if you lose your regular old dumb wallet. The product is likely to be shipping in May 2015 so you won’t have to wait long for your Woolet.