Data Protection is One of The Concern in the Modern Day Computing With Lot of Encryption Techniques Being Built up Daily .But Do You Only a 128 bits Strong Encrypted Password is Enough for You to keep your Important Data in the Safest of the Shelves.
Actually , You Too know That It's Not Only The Ultimate Security we have Got.
C'Mon Guys , Lot of People are Learning Hacking Stuff These Days and There are Bundle of Techniques Available on Internet Too .
But What About physically Destroying Your Memory Stick If You Have Lost one Containing Your Important And Confidential Information and That Too Sitting at Your Home .
Actually According to Latest Data Recovery Surveys , Most of The Data Losses Are Happening Because of The User's Laptops or Memory Drives Go Missing . But With These New Cool Disk Drive , You Don't Need to Worry if You Have Already Lost One .
Yes Now You Can Remotely Destroy Your Pen Drive , Sitting inside Your Place just By Triggering a Simple Signal  . 

You Can Destroy Your Pen Drive  By Simply Tracking it With a GPS device.
The memory stick, called Security Guardian, includes an encrypted memory chip and a SIM card, which means that it can be tracked by GPS and GSM triangulation.

It Provides a Facility to Users to Remotely Login To Their accounts Remotely and Then Can Send a Simple Text Message To Their Devices Which Will Block or Corrupt The Confidential Data In Their Disk Drives.
Alternatively If All Fails , Users Can Send a High Voltage Signal to Their Disk Drives Which Will Melt The Internal Circuit of The Drive and There You Go , Now Your Device is Useless.
Now That's What We Call a Unique Idea That Will Surely Take the Data Protection Paradigm to Higher Levels.