Hi Folks , Android is Rocking The World With its Cool App market and Easy to Use Smartphone Features . Now Most of The Mobile Manufacturers have Shifted their Operating System base to Android !!
And Why Won't they ? Anyways Here is a Little Sneak Peak of Android's Success . Did you Know That Android has Overtaken Apple's iPhone Market Share in UK too . In Asia Already Android has Dug its Feet Deep under The Mobile Market and There are Many Speculations of More Android Mobile's Running on Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich !! Anyways Recently we Compiled a List of Most useful Android Apps in our Post and yeah We are Sure That You Guys Found Them all Useful for Yourself too . But Now The List is a little Weird . These Apps are Not For Useful Tasks but For The AMUSEMENT factor , they are Must !! Apart from Music , Videos , Games there are other Sources of Entertainment as Well . That's why We have Compiled a List of Most Amusing Apps available for Android in the Android Market . Well yes , Here we Go . Have a Look at The Most Unusual and Amusing Apps for Your Android !! 1. Pimple Popper :- Have u tried Popping Pimples on your Face . Well if not then you Must have Squeezed bubble Paper in Your Childhood Days and If you like Squeezing Stuff , Then this Weirdo App is For You !!
Now pop Out as Many Pimple you Can by Squeezing pimples in Your Mobile Screen and Let Them Burst with Fluid Snipping Out . Enjoy This Cheap and Squashy Game at your Free Times !
2.Don't Push :- There are Many people in The World Who Does the opposite of What is Asked to them and if your are Also One of Those Than This App is for you . We actually do not really know What this App Contains as We Didn't Pushed the Button to Continue . Download and Know What lies Ahead of this Strange App . [Download Link] 3. Death Talk :- Well this Doesn't Sound Amusing But Surely a Strange one !! This App is Designed to be a Real guide To Death . Sound weird but yes It is Exactly what This App Do. read About Death Stories , Death Quotes , Death Philosophy and Much More on This Strange App. [Download Link] 4. Mosquito killer :- Interestingly, this app turns your phone into a mosquito killer as well as a fly and insect repellent. Mosquito Killer app radiates electromagnetic waves from your cell phone to repel these insects. It has adjustable frequency levels between 14 to 20 kHz to optimize performance and rid your surroundings of these pesky insects. This app may appear strange, but it is one of the best apps invented for the Android OS. It really works!
[Download Link] 5. ItsNice News :- Well this is a Real Funny and Nice App as the Name Suggests. This App Will Give You Some Real World News but unlike Any Other News Provider This App will Provide You Some amazing Funny and Weird News From Around The World . Ha ha ha ... This Concept Sound Really Cool !! Atleast Give it a Try Guys !
[Download Link]
6. yuck Mouth :- You Must have Used Many photo Editors guys but believe us This One is The Funniest from them All . With Some YUCKY and Super Cool Editing Effects , This App is a Real Fun . it Got Some Strange Parameters as Well such as Gender Change and Much More . Download it And try Yourself !! [Download Link] 7. iBeer :- Well if you are beer addict or At least you Like this Cool drink , Then This App is For You . It creates a virtual beer Glass Filled with Some ice Chilled beer and Some Yummy bubbles Airing everywhere in the Screen itself. Tilt it with Your Phone's Accelerometer Sensor But yeah this App will Surely Gonna Make you Starve For Your Favorite Drink !! [Download Link]
Well If You Don't like beer Than Check Out iMilk !! [Download Link]
8, Witch Hunt :- Believe it or not, there are witches everywhere and you can’t trust anyone! Well at least that’s what this app seeks to prove. If you are unsure, prepare and protect yourself and get Witch Hunt today. This app uncovers all the witches around us disguising themselves as a friendly neighbor, friend or relative. With one simple shot, Witch Hunt will ID the witches in the photo within seconds. It does this by lighting them on fire, so you know they are dangerous. Plus you may want to do yourself a big favor and turn the camera around and snap yourself, you could be a witch too!! [Download Link] Source :- Brighthub