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Over the few years the term 'Artificial Intelligence' is the most searched and discussed technology term. Worth mentioning it is also a term to which most of the technologists are scared as well. Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly and efficiently which in reality is becoming more and more critical to our daily lives. To see how, first lets try to understand what Artificial Intelligence(A.I) is:

Artificial Intelligence :  The simplest definition of AI would be the intelligence shown by machines(computers) in contrast to the intelligence shown by humans. So basically it's like a human's brain(embedded in a machine) deriving a machine to do tasks like humans do.

Where its being used currently : A.I is coming to our lives much faster than we expected. Artificial Intelligence can be seen in our Mobile phones, Smart TVs, Social networking websites, financial institutions etc.. For Instance for those who use Google Photos, frequently we see the app self editing our photos with the best possible contrasts and filters. Now it's not a human from Google's photo editing team who is selecting your photo and applies the best possible filters on your photo and then for free sends it back to you. In fact it is the A.I that Google's photos team has developed that scans your photos and makes a decision of whether to or not add those filter and then surprise you with wonders.

One of the other examples is our email applications and social networking websites. Most of you might have seen your email application coming up with some responses at its own for your emails. Even the applications are smart enough to extract events out of your emails and add to your calendars. This is all embedded artificial intelligence in these applications which is getting wiser day by day.

The Big Question : Now as we have seen some day to day examples of Artificial Intelligence in our lives, it's time to think on the other side of the ocean too. What if A.I gets more and more smart and start replacing humans? Will Artificial Intelligence be able to get that smarter ? Will it be the beginning of an end of human civilization ?

The Answer : Personally we believe Artificial intelligence is gonna grow and that too much faster than we expect. Artificial Intelligence is going to be the future for sure. The consequences of this will be pretty frightening for a vast population across the globe. Already many workers have lost their jobs because of smart machinery replacing the day to day work. The manufacturing industry has seen that change over the past few decades with regular machines doing the heavy lifting of the work. Now imagine with A.I equipped in those machines , it's gonna get worse.
Artificial Intelligence on the other hand is also gonna help those with some niche skills in the technology industry. It is going to be like - "The more skillful , the merrier".  Artificial Intelligence can become as threatening as a nuclear bomb for a vast population if not tackled correctly. We all will just end up having more competition in future (not just the humans with machines too).
Machines may not be able to completely replace Humans but certainly are going to replace lot of Jobs but those times seems to be not that easy coming.
After all We the Humans are the smartest creatures!

Leh Ladakh and the ultimate bike trip, doesn't need any introduction. Randomly the thought of being there stuck me today. Yeah me and my amazing gang were there last year and there is no doubt that we had the best bike trip ever . The muddy Himalayas are a treat to watch and drive through. Today sitting somewhere ideally in New York, my heart still pounds for those Royal Enfield thumps we experienced in route to Leh.

Leh ladakh is a very sparsely populated area in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, and we are blessed to be part of this beautiful country. The roads are well managed and stretched out by Border Road organisation , Indian army is always there to help at high altitudes. Let me rephrase our amazing experience.

It all started with all of us daily planning for a weekend trip and those never ending Goa plans. We made a useless whats group named 'Trip to No where' and started sending those stinky jokes all around. Then suddenly came one day when someone of us thought its best time to visit Leh and then started something really serious.Sitting in the office,I was going through some boring email spams then there came one email from one of my office colleagues about his cousin's start up for rental bikes. Well Yeah this was the bullet in the gun we were looking for.

I reached out to him and we made a deal to get 5 Royal Enfield Classic 500CC for 10 days. We all had those issues with the leaves and all but in the end the love for Leh and ultimate road trip got us on to collect the bikes on the decided date. But here comes the twist. the bikes that guy made available for us were as shitty as it can be. 4 bikes were not having a pillion seat , 2 without luggage gear , all with very bad handling , disgusting braking. It was 5AM in the morning when we first met those epic bikes. It made us all felt so bad that we all went to that Bike rental owner's home . got him up by 6AM , gave the bike keys back to him. We had to fought a little to force that guy to give back our money to us and all the drama continued till 10AM. Now we had our luggage with us and no bikes. I got my car from home and put all the bags inside and we all went for breakfast at a Dhaba with broken hearts and super frustrated mood.

Then may be those Ghobhi prantha's instilled some magic to us and that is where we decided , let us make it to Patnitop and my friend managed to get his Dad's car as well.

Day 1: We drove to Patnitop on day 1 from Chandigarh and that is where all the magic started. Had some drinks in the hotel just to get rid of the tiredness from the drive and next morning we all were set to drive to Srinagar.

Day 2 : Reached Srinagar, went to Dal lake and had some seriously tasty kabas sitting alongside in Shikara. Spent the night in Shikara and next morning headed to Kargil.

Day 3 : Reached Kargil and guess what the embracing Drass memorial was good enough to give us goosebumps. It was so proud to visit and see what our Army conquered.

Then came Day 4 for the amazing drive to Leh, started bit early in the morning. By evening we were in the sand paradise Leh. We had some amazing food there and this is where we rented bikes in Leh. I guess it was Khan bike rentals , they gave us brand new Royal Enfield bikes on rent. The bikes were hardly 1000 km mileage.

Day 5 : We started our journey to Pangong lake and it was superb. The 5 hour ride from Leh to pangong just takes your breath away. Changla Pass was the hardest one at such a high altitude. We stayed at nominal homestay just nearby to Pangong lake.

Day 6  : This day was all about having sunbath besides Pangong lake, play some Punjabi music and feeding those memories in your mind which will stay for long. By second half of the day we started our journey back to Leh and en route enjoyed our amazing bullet ride and raced with each other.

Day 7  : The day was all about Leh , we stayed there rested locally . We went to see Shey monastery, the 3 idiots school and local market in Leh. Had some drinks in those amazing cafe playing awesome Trance music.

Day 8 : We started our journey till Khardungla pass only. We  wanted to go to Nubra valley but our tight schedule didn't allowed it. Anyways Khardungla pass was also a blaze,snowfall welcomes us to Khardungla pass. It was super cold there and we couldn't stay more than 30 minutes there and had to drive back to Leh.

Day 9  : It was the day we had to say good bye to this amazing place , we started back till Srinagar. We started early morning at 5 AM and reached Srinagar till 8 PM after a hectic drive.

Day 10 :  It was all about Srinagar. We went to one of the oldest Shankaracharya temple , It was amazing to see whole city and Dal lake from that height. Then went to Lal chownk and did some shopping. It was amazing to see how the locals were showing enthusiasm towards the tourist. I wish it to be same this year as well. 

Day 11  : We started early morning for our journey back to our home. It had some traffic that day because Amarnath Yatra just began , so highways were expected to be flowing with Buses and Trucks. 

Leh you were really amazing....

volveremos(We will be back)!
Hi Folks,

Its been quite a long time since we published our last post. Well time flies and so does the technology. We are back with an interesting story of mobile phones and their brands.

We all know that these days most of the mobiles are Android operated and possess similar configurations. The screen size,RAM size, inbuilt memory, processors are almost identical in all phone but still there are chances that one brand may stand top in the competition. Is it really the quality of the product or just the brand consciousness about the product ?

Who can forget about the name Apple when it comes to mobile brands. Apple has been scripting a success since the launch of their flagship device iPhone which is getting an upgrade each year. Its been 9 years since Apple launched its first iPhone but still the craze and the sales haven't seen any decline.

Obviously it was the quality of the product and the amazing features provided but on top of that Apple as a brand name has played a major role in its success.
You can easily get an Android phone almost half the price of the iPhone with better features and quality but still other manufacturers can't figure out a way to stand any chance with Apple. The most favoring answer for this is Apple as a brand.

We as end customers have become so much Brand conscious that any other emerging brand has to go beyond their limits to set itself in any global market. We can take example of Xiaomi where this brand took the world by surprise in 2014. Xiaomi launched its flagship device Mi2 and within first 11 months they managed to sell about 10 million units.We still remember those early days when people used to think Xiaomi as a cheap Chinese brand and global Android trend was only favoring Samsung.
The only reason for Xiaomi to succeed was the quality and the service they provided. Also with this awesome quality they didn't set the prices way high like Apple's iPhone. This led to amazing sales and high volumes  helped it becoming a recognized brand.

So what you think , is it the time
to stop worrying about the Brand. We believe the answer is to act smart and take your decision on basis of product quality,features,after sales service and most importantly Price!

Have you been waiting for  iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, price drops in India...? If Yes, then your wait is over now since third party Sellers like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and others are selling both the new iPhones at discounted prices. On major e-Commerce sites these much awaited iPhones are displayed with discounts ranging from 2k-7k. 

BEST PRICES OF APPLE IPHONES IN INDIAThe top e-commerce sellers of India like Amazon is offering cash back of Rs 8,400 on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to HDFC credit card users. Similarly, Flipkart is offering 10% cash back to Citibank credit card users. Both support Cash on Delivery and EMI Scheme but PayTm lags behind due to inability of COD. eBay is also attracting many Customers with  their catchy Prices of iPhone.  
The above survey is done based on the best prices offered in India by Third Party Sellers. It basically covers the points like shipping charges, Delivery time(2-5 Working Days), colors available(Silver, Space Grey and Gold), feedback(Above 75% positive), return policy(15-30 Days), Cash on Delivery and EMI.
                                                                                                                                                 FEATURES & APPLICATIONS OF IPHONE Reachability:-It is the single most important trick that every iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus user needs to know. Reachability is the only way you’ll ever be able to comfortably tap things near the top of your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus screen with one hand. Its really hard to use iPhone 6 Plus as compared to iPhone 6. Relatively smaller size and presence of Reachability makes it much easier to use iPhone 6. Tap to Talk:- It allows iPhone users to record and instantly send short voice messages to each other via iMessage, typically while they are driving.  Camera :- iphone 6 Plus is better in taking low light pictures. Though iPhone 6 has 8 megapixel camera with dual -LED flash and 1.2 front Camera.                                                                            Battery life:- iPhone 6 Plus has more battery life than iPhone 6. iPhone 6 runs on 1810mAh non-removable Li-Po battery compared to 2915mAh non-removable Li-Po battery.  
                                                                        Pixel density:- The pixel density of iPhone 6 Plus(401 pixels per inch) as compared to iphone 6 (326 pixels per inch) is more but this difference is too small to bother about.                                                                                                                     Thickness:- iPhone 6 Plus( 7.9 mm) slightly thicker than iPhone 6(6.9 mm) but you will hardly notice it while having hands on it.                                             Landscape Mode:- iPhone 6 Plus let's you view the home-screen in landscape mode.                                                                                Airdrop:- Airdrop facilitates the iPhone user's to send video's or images to their friends and family members.                          

 iPhone 6, Apple's first big-screen smartphone, has a 4.7-inch HD (1334x750p) display and is powered by A8 processor and 1GB RAM. The smartphone runs on iOS 8 and has an 8MP iSight camera that features phase detection and can take 43MP panorama photos. It supports reachability feature because of its small size.

iPhone 6 Plus, the company's first phablet, has a 5.5-inch (1920x1080p) display, and like iPhone 6 is powered by an A8 processor and 1GB RAM and runs on iOS 8. It also features an 8MP camera with  dual  LED flash optical image stabilization and packs a 2,915mAh battery. 
Yahoo is working on On-Demand Passwords in order to eliminate the necessity of people remembering a Complex Password every time when they log-in into Yahoo!!!

In terms of User Experience
Somebody Log-in into their Account and Click on the Information Section and opt into an On-Demand Password. Next time they Log-in into Yahoo, they will receive One time password in form of SMS. Then, User will take that four-letter password or Code present in the SMS to fill the Password Field. This will completely eliminate the problem of  forgetting password and getting involved in lengthy process of "I can't access my account"

How it works?
If you use a password manager and opt for On-Demand Password. You would detect at the time of Login that the Interface has changed as soon as you fill Username Field. The fields would change not requiring the usual password but On-Demand Password. Tap the button send password. It will take you to a new field. 

This has been done in order to break the bundle of passwords that user has to remember every time. Earlier we needed a Password which satisfies a particular criteria, that is, have lowercase letters, numbers and Uppercase Letters. So, this will be eliminated completely. This ensures that User does not use same password for Different accounts so that important information is not at risk.

How is this more Secure or Beneficial?
Eliminating Vulnerability that comes from User Side.
Not Using Same Password Every time is not necessary for all. If you are a regular user concerned about emails then Second form of Verification option is there. It will require User Verification and second step verification like a particular question. It solely depends upon the User if he wants to opt for On-Demand password if he is facing problem memorizing it.

New methods to be introduced

Dylan Casey Yahoo’s vice president of product management said that it will initiate more authentic methods.
  • Bio-matrix System 
  • Retina Scanner Verification
  • Using voice as Password Verification
  • Finger Print verification 
  • End User encryption.

Private key Verification or End User Encryption Verification  
Setting up Level of Encryption in your own email such as if an attacker is going to compromise on an account. He would need a private key. If he doesn't have that private key, he wont be able to access your account.

Talking on its Positive Side
  • Reduce burden of Security on User.
  • To facilitate in providing one time on-demand password.
  • Encryption is there to add extra layer for the Yahoo Account.

When is it Available for Use?
  • Today only available in the US.
  • Currently opted for Yahoo.

Down-sides of Using On-Demand Password
  • SMS is not Correct or perfect.
  • Don't know it has come on Phone or not.
  • Delay in receiving
  • Lost your phone or Phone is Dead.

Backup Solution
  • Another Phone number
  • Alternate Email address