The recent incidents of rape,harassment, molestation reported from across the country, the need for apps that safeguard the women  has increased. The tech market have come up with a solution on how can female be protected with the help of technology as every female carries a mobile. There are many smartphones apps that helps women to ensure their security who are in distress .

Available on iPhone

This app is designed for college students or high school students.Two taps on the screen will send out a text messages to 6 contacts of your choice that automatically includes an address and map of your exact location.

2. bSafe

Available on iPhone, android

An alarm that sends an emergency message to the chosen contact just with a push of a single button.Its slogan is never walk alone.The free version of this app allows you to build a safety net of the "Guardians".Unsubscribed version allows you to build numerous Guardians who can informed through text but but subscribed version offers that 3 Guardians who can be called simultaneously.All Guardians will receive a message which will include a link to a map showing your location via GPS.

Available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7

This app differs from other as it places a phone call to your contacts with your name,location and the type of emergency for e.g. "Stroke"," In Danger","walking home alone" and many more. Also this app monitors  different locations that you frequently visit.You are given an option to create your profile in this app.

Available on iPhone and Android

This app is designed for women by women. The app – designed for iPhone users – has four main features which could be set according to your preferences. You just need to tap the icon twice to call 911 in emergency.Another  feature named "Panic" sends the emergency message  to the persons you want to  contact in case of emergency.It also has two additional features that is "monitor me" which works as a precautionary measure for the places/situations you are doubtful about and "I've Arrived "inform your friends and family that you have reached home safely.

5. Cab4me

Available on iPhone and Android

Cab4me is a app which allows women to book cab from secured location anytime ,anywhere.BY clicking on the app it displays all the nearby cabbies and cab stands.

6.  Shake and Alert

Available on Android

Well Shake and Alert is a light weight Android application which will respond to your Gestures and will take an action Accordingly. Imagine a situation where taking out your phone and then making a call is nearly an impossible act, then this small app will come into action for you and can end up being your savior .
The Main features of this App includes :-
1) Shake mobile to send alert sms to selected contacts. Alert sms in configurable (either automatic OR with confirmation).
2) Shake mobile to call to pre entered contact.
3) Shake mobile to click photo and send in Email.
4) Set customized alert message i.e. "I'm going to give birth", "Help me, I am in trouble", "I m in an emergency situation" etc.

To Download click on the link from your Android phone , Android user link  



  1. Another app called SOS Stay Safe! is another cool app that comes to my mind when I see such a list. Just shake your device to summon help.