TVS Apache RTR , a Comprehensive Successful  Bike From Chennai Based Manufacturer TVS Motors Corp. has taken a Further Step With its New beast Themed Design .
TVS motors has Launched a New Series of its Most Dynamic and Most Sold Bike TVS Apache RTR . 

The new design, all lines pulled back, excesses eliminated and curves chiseled to perfection, synergises with a high performance powertrain to look dynamic," -- a Company Spokesman Said in a Statement .

The New Apache Styling is a result of Some Extreme Engineering and Menace Mechanics integrated with amazing Digital Technology .
The New Design will be incorporated on Apache 160 RTR , Apache RTR 180 , Apache RTR 180 ABS .
A Company Spokesman Said in a Statement that , TVS has Took the Bike Designing to a New Level With Some extreme Engineering Aspects and Hardwork.

The New Designing Will Also Help in Providing more Balance and Aerodynamic Shape , Thus Reducing Engine Heat and Simultaneously increasing Fuel Average as Well.
The new TVS Apache RTR 160 is available in four dual tone colours -- green, red. Yellow and grey with black being the base colour. The 180 RTR series also comes in four colours of white, yellow, grey and black while the ABS version in white and black. .
 The TVS apache 160 RTR version Will Cost Around RS 67,805 ( Ex Showroom Delhi ) , While The Upper Version of RTR 180 and RTR 180 ABS will be Available at Rs 72500 and 83300 respectively .


  1. wow. . . looks cool. . .

  2. bought this and now i regret it.....piece of shit and they call it RTR,i feel lik im riding splendor guess tat is better than this.....dnt know wat to do nw :'(

  3. I hv an Apache RTR 180 n dt is a Superb Bike . Must Say .. wud Like a test Ride of ds new Beast ,

  4. i buy apache 150cc 5 days from now.... i feel great when i use this motor.... i feel im using a big bike.....

  5. -----------bought this and now i regret it.....piece of shit and they call it RTR,i feel lik im riding splendor guess tat is better than this.....dnt know wat to do nw :'(-------------

    This is fake statement ....u r comparing with splendor to rtr ....what a joke !!!!! This proves u r actually having splendor not rtr

  6. nothing new than MASK

  7. pls anyone give me a true review abt apache

  8. Looks good than other apache series with the stunning headlight

  9. I have apache RTR 160CC beast from today (13/09/12).its my wife's birthday gift for me.It is a good bike having 48 kml in city ride and 50 on highway.I can felt that i'm riding a huge bike even if i have 6.2" height and 90 kg bodyweight.The shining of beast eye is standerd and stylish look.Both tyres are tubeless.Digital speedo meter is good nd also we can fix KMPH as we like with i suggest u,don't waste your time Go head nd get apache beast

  10. Guys I bought ma beast today 180 rtr white is really awesome while driving....dnt compare vit old one because beast is really smooth and powerfull........gonna njoy my ride.....

  11. is this byk is available in srilanka??
    this green and black one??

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