Micromax  is One of The Leading Mobile Manufacturers in India With Most of their Products Targeting the Mid Sized Customers . Micromax has a Pretty large Market Share if You Come to Mobile Phones Ranging below Rs 10000.
Micromax has Recently Launched a New mid Range Tablet named Micromax Funbook , an ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Enabled Android tablet . Well Believe it or Not , it is another Cheap Tablet  in the Indian Market Which is Already booming up with a Flood of Cheap Tablets.
Anyways Micromax Funbook is a 7 inch large Android Tablet Running with Many Advanced Features.
Micromax Funbook is The Cheapest and One of the Best ICS Operating Tablet manufactured by Indian Manufacturer Micromax.
It is Priced at a Very Good Price of Rs 6500 , and That's What Makes it a Solid Competitor for Another Tablets in this Zone.

1. Display :- The Micromax tablet will feature a 7-inch 16:9 capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels .Well Surely , Its Not the Best Resolution you can Get in a Tablet but Well What Else you Need at Such a Low Price. It Surely Does Carries Our Expectations and Can Easily get a Solid base in the Market with the Most Affordable 7" capacitive Touch Screen .

2. Processor :- Well here What Where This Gadget Has Spectacular Specifications. It is Powered with a Solid 1.2 GHz A8 processor and a 512 MB of RAM . Well the RAM Doesn't Look Much More To  Get You Handy With Some Big Android Apps But it is Surely Enough To Run ICS Android Smoothly .

3. Camera :- Well here Lies the Biggest Disappointment in the Micromax Funbook . We Know That You May Not Believe it But This Tablet Doesn't Have a Rear Camera . Who oh , We Don't Whther it Was Not Fitting in their Budgets or Was there any Other Technical Reason to Eliminate a Rear Camera . Anyways Don't Leave The Hopes of a Camera Guys , We have a 0.3 MP Front Camera On this Tablet Specifically Portrayed for Video Calling With Your Friends and Mates.

4. Connectivity :- The Micromax Funbook has a  3G connectivity, which is accessible through a USB Dongle. In addition, the device has WiFi b/g, USB 2.0 and HDMI out for connectivity, data transfer and HDTV streaming

5. Multimedia Support :- This ICS Tablet Can Play H.D videos in Most of The Available Formats like MPEG, MOV , WMV, FLV , AVI etc.  Game Addicted Persons  Can Enjoy Various Games On this Funbook . There is a Huge Collection of multimedia Content with more than 6000 Songs Library Available on Micromax Funbook .

6. Memory :- Micromax Funbook comes with a Whopping 4GB Inbuilt Memory and Can Support External Memory upto 32 GB . Well That is Enough for a Portable Device To Carry Your Fun Stuff Along with You .

Final Verdict :- According to Deepak Mehrotra, the CEO of Micromax, the Funbook is India’s slimmest tablet. It is also one of the best affordable tablets in Indian market. When compared with the recent tablets from companies like HCL, the Funbook is brilliantly affordable.
We Will Say That Micromax has Surely opened Gates for More Such Tablets in the Indian Market and is surely a good purchase at such an affordable rate. Fun Lies in the Funbook , So Go for it.

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