Now Facebook will Tell You About all Your Life Cycle on Facebook With its New Feature Called Facebook Timeline .

After a Long Wait , The Much Awaited Facebook Feature Facebook Timeline is Available to all. Facebook Timeline is Now Available to Everyone and Facebook Will Give 7 Days Grace Perios to all Its Users To Set Their Profiles and Looks the Way They Wish . After The Completion of The 7 Days the Facebook Timeline Will go Online . Well Before Explaining Further We Would Like to Tell Us all Viewers About The Timeline Feature. So lets Start From The Basics .

The Timeline is a radical redesign of Facebook‘s user profile pages, introduced at Facebook’s F8 conference in September. Instead of merely listing your interests and personal info, the Timeline shows a detailed overview of your life on Facebook, with the ability to check out what you’ve been out to at a particular point in time. The Timeline Feature Comes With a Tool Called Activity Log , which enables you to finely tune what appears on your Timeline; you can “promote” a post to featured status, you can hide it from the Timeline or delete it altogether.

Play music
The music you listen to is on your timeline, so friends can listen along.
Preview your timeline
Once you get timeline, you'll have 7 days before anyone else can see it. This gives you a chance to get your timeline looking the way you want before other people see it.
Decide what to highlight
To help you get started, your timeline includes some of your top photos and stories. Hide or highlight whatever you want and add anything that's missing.
Control who sees your stuff
Only the people you originally shared a post with can see it on your timeline. If you want, you can go back and change who sees a post, delete it or just hide it from your timeline. Like Most of the New Additions To FAcebook , The Timeline Feature Also Received Criticism From Many Users . Some Say its a Bit Complex and It will Make The Facebook Pages Load Slow. Some Say It Will Cause More Information to be Displayed to Strangers Leading to Identity Theft . Well Its Upto You How You ll Like the New Facebook Timeline . To get Timeline Click on the Following Link :- GET TIMELINE
To Know More About Timeline Watch This Video :-

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