The man who made “APPLE”
the apple of our eyes
Guys lets talk about THE GREATEST INNOVATOR OF OUR TIMES …… STEVE JOBS, the man who transformed the whole technical scenario, who revolutionized our lives with his unique thinking, who got the X- FACTOR and so does his creations, who defined a new CLASS of GADGETS, with his DIFFERENT yet AMAZING ideas……
Here we present the list of INNOVATIONS that JOBS COOK is left to see that they are well served.....!!!
On April Fool’s Day, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak revealed APPLE I computer. It was the year 1976. APPLE I was first single circuit board computer and had 8k of RAM and a keyboard.
In 1977, the release of APPLE II computer, marked the foundation of APPLE COMPUTERS. APPLE II was based 6502 processor . It was the first computer to incorporate COLOR GRAPHICS. It
had 4kb of RAM and a year later RAM was increased to 48kb.
The LISA was the first personal computer to introduce GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE i.e. GUI. It had features of drop down menus, windows, multiple tasking, copy, paste, folders and mouse.
Steve Jobs founded NeXT in 1985, after he was fired from APPLE. The NeXT Computer was later used to create FIRST WEB BROWSER and WEB SERVER. It was sold for huge amount of $6,500.
iBook G3
Steve Jobs introduced iBook G3, portable computer, during the keynote presentation of Macworld. The iBook had a 300 MHz Power PC 750 (G3) Processor, 32 MB or 64 MB RAM, a 3.2 GB or 6.0 GB hard drive.
In 2001, Steve Jobs announced the newest Macintosh G4’s in the ‘quicksilver’ enclosure during the keynote address at the Macworld Expo at New York City. G4 featured 512 MB RAM and was upgradeable to 2 GB. It was sold for $3300.,
Jobs was also involved with NeXT computer and he got Graphics Group from NeXT. He later renamed it Pixar and Pixar made superb animations in its first hit TOY STORY (1995).
On October 16,2003 in San Francisco, Jobs announced the popular iTunes program for the Mac and the PC.
The following year Steve Jobs announced the mini iPod in five colors at Macworld in San Francisco.
Motorola teamed with APPLE and together they manufactured iPod cell phone.
Macbook pro
Jobs announced MacBook Pro laptop at San Francisco, California. It featured Intel Core Duo processor.
The most successful smartphone range was started by Jobs in 2007, with the name of iPhone.
iPad made its debut in 2010. The iPad runs the same operating system as the iPod Touch and the iPhone.
2011 saw the release of iPad 2 on March 2 in San Francisco.